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More than a year ago

I possessed alcatel unlocked 5020t and I want, but I've tried many ways still a result, I've tried using the volcano but after sim card installed outcome LIMITED SERVICE is th...
i have alcatel ot 4010x. outgoing calls working fine.when i try to incoming call to the phone it says busy. any solution please. thanks in advance.
Alcatel OT 995, i have problem with no sound on speaker. The flex cable is ok, but there is not voltage on speaker line.. Help me please, i need a solution in a short time
hello goodnight please if anyone has flash for Alcatel one touch 5020A-2BTLVE3-S50 would greatly appreciate it helps : Confuso:: Confuso:: Confuso:: Confuso:
Hi! Need help with this flash file for an Alcatel OT-5036a model as listed on sticker 5036A-2BTLMX1 Thanks in advance.
Brka the ROM you are uploded for alcatel 4007d both are corrupted and one gave 3144 error and one bad loader files plz upload new ROM kindly
Hi I have a question regarding SIM locking Alcatel and other low end devices to other networks, is there anyone on here with experience of that kind? preferably a coder/programm...
Well I'm getting an Alcatel Pop 8 tablet soon due to the price, and I used my friends and was quite happy. Now, how would I go about rooting the tablet? As I have not been able ...
Hello friends I have Alcatel Pop C1 4015D and I would like to have a backup of the stock of rom case but do not have one and do not know how to do and would be happy if someon...
Hi. I need change language for Alcatel 1030x. Which box can i use for that? I need flash with polish lang pack.
Hi Guys, Is it possible to add new languages to an Alcatel OT - 1010x phone ? + I also need to be able to Unlock these phones... Any ideas? Thanks
can you please upload alcatel 4007x firmware or scatter file,phone is stuck on logo,cannot reset with buttons. regards
Just wondering if it would be possible to switch an Alcatel one touch idol x 6040A ROM for a 6040D ROM?
Hi, i have an alcatel one touch idol mini and i want to know how to set and acces from pc the «find me back» function.I dont know the link to view my cell on the map if i lo...
Hi I have an alcatel ot-5050x and someone has put a code in too many times and now it says permanently locked how can I reset the counter please
Hi I was wondering if I was able to unlock a alcatel one touch pop c1 without a dongle via my computer using some sort of software to network unlock
Yep, hello i need software to remove/generate simlock to this phone. It's new version Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2, I found only some old softwares.
hello everyone i have alcatel ot-5036D - 2CALEG1 hang on logo flashed it but it restart on logo many frimwares but nothing changed tried bin file but no ch...
I have been able to buy alcatel mifi codes from a server but im finding it difficult to enter. Is there any way out that i can enter these codes. Thanks
Hello, does anyone have firmware for Alcatel/Vodafone V875 with czech localization? Or is there anyone with a info about to what i should change PID? Morelocale adds a...
I Have Alcatel 6035r Idol which is stuck on logo . QComm ic inside i need Flash File And Flasher Plz Post here . Help me Get Through this...
Hello guys. I have alcatel 6032 phone and want to flash 6032a. because I have not 6032 firmware. May I kill the phone?
Hello, I have a fixed car phone alcatel cp-100 which is locked to one cell company. Im looking for info on this specific model (cp-100) but cannot find any. Can anyo...
How upgrade Alcatel 6050w I can't get any notification on my phone and phone launcher not function I'm using google laucher Sent from my 6050W using Tapatalk
alcatel one touch p310x firmware need mtk-6582 100% original firmware need please link need help
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