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19 days ago

It might be because i havent recieved my first insider build yet but i cant get the interop tools app (-L) working I have installed dependency appxbundle files & registry inst...

21 days ago

I have a Nokia Lumia 525 windows 8.1 . I don't know why I am not able to download UC Browser , when I try , it's start downloading after that initialization started and then dow...
As the titile says it will not highlight when pressed or if I long press and go to settings wifi will not switch on. It says "cant do this at the moment" and suggests a restart...

22 days ago

My windows lumia 640 LTE (rm-1073) ATT version model went down and no response from the mobile.Tried Hard Reset through the volume /power button combinations and no response fro...

23 days ago

VCO from old nokia stuff Hi! I need a pair of vco (one oscilating to 900mhz range and other in 1800mhz range) I have found them but not on a nice price, so I was wonde...
Hello I have here one Nokia 435 that after change de touch screen, works fine 2 days. After this the LCD turn blank!!!!! Any solucion for this problem? Thanks
Hello fellow WP users :D (I am greeting all 10 ppl who still use it) I upgraded my old 820 for 930 a month ago. Seems like I cant get "GPS satellite fix" ... I can have GPS O...

24 days ago

I am interested in gaining access to the 1020's camera via WiFi only -- no voice/data plan present. Ideally I'd be able to hang multiple 1020's on a WiFi network and gain contro...
I just purchased the Nokia weight scale. Problem is...I can't find Nokia Health Mate App. Per the Apple page ( ...

25 days ago

Just an info question: Do Verizon phones have to be unlocked to take to a MVNO? Usually I read the unlocking is for GSM, which leaves me thinking a Verizon phone could be locked...

26 days ago

All the friends I need help on "no storage" problem while taking picture. It is not showing its internal memory. I tried most of the things to solve the problem. It seems like a...

28 days ago

Have heard of Nokia Lumia Windows phones, is this possibly a safe bet for BYOP since it was unlocked AT&T gsm or are these cells operating systems no longer supported? Walma...
Nokia 1280 doing call problem full network signal giving but calls are not coming and not going . Software done but not working

29 days ago

My first cell was an AT&T GoPhone, the bar style Nokia 2610. Hadn't used it in years but kept it for the memories. It had a cute tree frog theme. Liked its ringtones. It did ema...
Nokia 8 Key Features: - 3G Network: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 - 4G Network: LTE 700 / 800 / 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 / 2600 - Single SIM (Nano-SIM) Or Hybrid Dual SI...

More than a month ago

Hi I have a Lumia 930 phone (+mic #3 & #4 problem). I want to upgrade it's firmware, FROM: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR APAC HK CV BLACK Product Code: 059W0J7 manufacturerHa...
nokia 130 no network or After a few hours the network is found change RF . short Air antenna but not network found please solution ..
The upcoming Nokia 9 is looking to a beast. After the Nokia 8, I wasn't sure they were going to release another phone even higher up. Here it is; https://www.phonearena.c...
nokia 301 when connect charger it detects as storage/modem like this and on top it show usb icon after 1 to 2 seconds charging stops i change connecter but same
my nokia c-3 rm 614 phone no sort but power connection not working please help me off 00-4.2 on 0.4 4.2 off 0.04.2
Nokia c5 powered off but when press powered button it vibrate only again and again if power button continuously but nothing to show on screen please help me
I know lots of people have issues with the Power Keyboard, but i haven't seen this one mentioned and am really hoping someone can help. I got the tablet and keyboard about 2 ...
I have recently updated my Icon to build 15245 and was wondering if anyone has a way to glance on this phone, I had it on my old 822 after updating to W10 mobile but don't see i...
Pls give me charging ic jumper or any solution On battery connecter 4 volt but charging not show
I rip my phone up I have security code on it along time ago so I used jaf to remove it I was so hurry that my selection was on dct4 not on BB5 Then I clicked factory re...
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