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Had my iPhone X for 24 hours now and loving itHowever I’m curious as to how everyone that as an X watches videos - specifically what ratio?When its in its normal aspect ...
Has anyone ever switched service providers while being a member of the iPhone upgrade program? Curious as to how it should work, as I’m getting different answers from Apple. ...
Does anyone experience any lag/ stutter when playing games with AR in a long amount of time (like 15-20 minutes) with iphone X ?? I notice that my iphone X started become hot an...
My daughter's phone started freezing, geting hot and shutting down So i sent it in and the result is a broken camera glass and black stuff oozing. Not sure how it happened as it...
hello,I couldn’t find this question posted so apologies if it has been asked and I just missed it.I sent my pristine 6S into Apple this week for the $29 battery replacement ...
I'm coming up on 2 months with my 8 plus, and 2 months for my wife with her X. She has no desire to upgrade, but my plan was to get an X plus this fall. The more I use the 8 plu...
I currently live in Australia and am arranging to buy my friend's iPhone 6s for my grandma who lives in New York. All the bands are the same except it's missing band 30 which is...
im thinking of going screen protector less with my iPhone. The screen protectors always look like **** in the x. Any one know?  
Pictures courtesy of Benjamin Geskin on Twitter based on a patent filed by Apple for holes in the screen instead of a notch. What do you guys think?   ...
Apple just called and said late March to early April for my 6+ battery. They stated that the 6+ isn't made by apple anymore and they are going to have to start making them agai...
I thought Face ID made a 3D scan of your face in order to unlock?If that’s the case why does mine unlock in the mirror?  
I don't know if it's just me but whenever I use Snapchat (mainly since the 11.2.2) upgrade on my iPhone 7 my phone seems to get warm (not hot) relatively quickly. The battery a...
Good morning. I am hoping to start a podcast and having a difficult time pooling all the resources together. I would like assistance and advice on the best way I can go abou...
Hy guys, Android oreo udate (8.0) is coming . WHat rumers are coming about its security .... will it be breakable like the previous android OS ?
Quadro SQ-50E85F without icons Hy I have Quadro SQ-50E85F and after it turns on i have no icons on it, only background. I tried hard reset, but it didnt help. C...
Iball PR2 firmware need Iball PR2 6531A_W25Q32BV.bin Code: CPU type: 6531A Flash type: NOR Flash ID: 00EF0040(00160000) Flash Model: W25Q32BV ...
infocus turbo 5 dislpaly problem after flashed this version InFocus_Turbo_5_MT6737M_114B please upload another version
Hello, I have a Nokia 5130 with booting problem and I want to flash it with latest product code, can anyone provide me with latest flash files? Thanks
Hey all, Need N91 8gb RM-43 firmware/flash files. Can anyone post a link of all the files and highlight which ones are MCU, PPM and CNT? The website only has 2 links -...
this is the lastest spd factory download tool 9832 perfect flash latest handset without any errors thanks
hiOnePlus_MMB29U_6_0_1 after wrong flash one plus e1005 (OnePlus_MMB29U_6_0_1) is not powering on it only can be flash only with Msm8974DownloadTool.....
Below the link you'll find a lot Various Schematics & User Manuals in PDF LINK
New android R11 mobile with 64gb internal & 32gb SD card, but get "insufficient space" error message.
First i tryed to go on apps on my phone and I selected an app and I didn't find "move to SD card". Then I tryed different applications but they didn't work.And I think tha...
Have an Android 5.1 and Android 5.1.1. Want to create a home security system so that I can either record or see in real time who is at my door. What is available and what wou...
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