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Vodacom Tablet using Android 5.1. Have 16g SD card. 8 gig internal memory. Need to move more Apps and content to SD card
Hi guys...i have a samsung S8+.. which is waterproof.just came back from vacation... Cozumel MX.went snorkeling with phone in my pocket. and did some pics and vids i...
I've got Hue bulbs but can TVs be controlled through Google Home. Cathode Ray Tube with RCA jacks?  
i have a samsung galaxy s5 neo sm-g903f with android marshmallow. i realized that the latest os is 7.0 but its for the Canadian models sm-g903w. when will the sm-g903f receive t...
Which US carrier has the cheapest unlimited wifi hotspot, whether through a tethered phone or a wifi hotspot device? From my survey at the mall, the 3 big carriers have told...
The brush tool on HTC ONE X9 that i am using gives me funny partition like lines.I cant use this tool at all. Will send a screenshot soon.
I've been playing around with Virtualbox and after installing Dos and Windows 3.11, had a try at the mouse tutorial.    It's actually a  very good & intuitive tutorial.    In th...
I've been searching for a while, but haven't found any mention of this. Has there been any indication, what kind of connection will be on the back of the charger?  
Hi all, new member here and my first Android phone since 5 days ago!I have an Alcatel U5 4047x ( which doesn't seem to be on your list). My specs are: Android 7.0 Nougat ...
Where could I ask if anyone has a oneplus 5t they would like to sell? I guess I sort of just did, but os there a section fo things like buu or sell on the forum. I am 1st time u...
I have windows 10 pro desktop.I accidentally deleted the archive label in Gmail. How can I recover it?Should I remove Chrome and reinstall it or ....?Thank youPeter ...
Hi everyone, I just released a new app called Inspire, it provides quotes from significant figures both present and past including details of the authors (with voice-over). A lo...
I can't get messages because the voicemail box has not been set up yet...goodbye. How do I fix this? It should be really obvious, but it isn't to me.  
I am looking for technical support for the app "Intruder Selfie" as the developer has not responded to my enquiries.Are there any tech people who can assist me with regard to ...
My dad used to work at Fujitsu and he told me that lower level laptop manufacturers will buy "poorer" binned batches of CPUs, LCDs and other binnable components at a lower price...
heylately my bf's google account history has been showing me weird activity on my boyfriend's Galaxy J2 prime cellular that he hasn't been showing before until a month or so...
hello everyone i just found my old wacom tablet but havent found the pen, the model of the tablet is a CTE-440, i plugged it into my pc and the blue light turns on, i downloaded...
I last tested with a Moto E on Freedom POP and it worked except the Moto E had a terrible speaker issue. ( Must have been Refurbished.)What phone would give LTE+ and what is...
OpenSignal has just published their bi-annual State of Mobile Networks Report for the USA . T-Mobile seems to have done pretty well, ranking first in five out of six metrics nat...
T-Mobile completed the acquisition of Iwireless (found in Iowa and surrounding states) the beginning of the month. When will Iwireless be fully integrated into T-Mobile?I am...
Is that I want to pass the playlist that I have in my laptop to the mobile phone, hut I have to know if there is some app that can read the Windows media playlist format
I am here because either I am stupid, or Apple designed a **** product.I am NOT paying for iCloud storage, I am paying for Google storage (it's much better). But I use the f...
Millionaire - Who Wants to win? is a brain tranning game, which is testing IQ game, popularly and very interesting so far.. The game is based on the popular TV show. John is be...
hi friends plz help memy iphone7 reboot again.If iphone 7 turns in, display apple logo.And after 20s the progress bar increase.during increase progress bar, iphone7 rebo...
hi broi received a iphone7 + which show 1% i try to charge still 1% i have restore phone nothing just when to know which kind of trouble is that?
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