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Hi All, If you have one or more virtual servers hosted overseas for the sake of saving money, consider giving the locals a try.  Cloud and VPS hosting in NZ has come a long way and has become much more affordable in the recent past.  Using a local hosting provider has several key benefits: 

- Your operating cost is predictable:  you won't have to worry about foreign currency fluctuations

- Your latency will be super low:  your customers will appreciate the instant loading times no matter where they are within NZ

- You'll get a GST invoice:  this will make your corporate filing a bit easier

- You will get a NZ IP address:  this will boost your SEO rankings and give you more credibility in front of your customers

- You'll be helping other Kiwis:  if no one hosts content locally, local businesses might lose interest and the market will sufferIf you don't know where to start, kindly give us a try at  We're relatively new in the market but we're keen to make a good impression.  We've tailored our services to be unique and very competitive. If you're an AWS, you may be aware that their billing model is excessively complex particularly for small businesses.  We think we've managed to combine the best of both worlds.  Some of our features include: 

- Hourly billing: compute, storage, and networking are billed by the hour.  You won't pay for what you don't use

- No terms or contracts:  you free to give us a try with no strings attached

- RESTful API:  We have a full-fledged REST API to help with automating all aspects of your account.

- Cheap:  our cheapest plan is $20 on full duty-cycle.  It can be even cheaper if you don't use it 24x7

- 2 minute activation:  we heavily leverage automation and can provision a VM under 2 minutes in most cases

- Recovery Console: you can connect to any of your VPS consoles at any time from your customer portal

- Unique billing structure: rather than a traditional fixed monthly plan, our customers have the option of maintaining a rolling balance where they can top-up their account at any time.We're giving all Geekzone referrals a $5 to test drive our services which should last several days.   Please drop us an email claiming your credit and we'll happy apply it to your account.
Date: Jul 14, 2017   


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