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Vodafone - 4g with Static Public IP

Forum: Vodafone New Zealand and ihug -
Hi Team We have a client moving offices, and circumstances mean we may need to set them up with a 4G connection for 1-2 months.  This is the NZ office of an Australian company, and they are highly reliant on a site to site IPSec VPN connection.  The Aussies tell us that they can ask for a GPTEXB3 IP Address via Telstra and this gets them a cellular connection with static public IP which can be attached to a Cisco router that establishes the VPN connection. Is there an equivalent available from Vodafone NZ?  Googling for that code does not produce any NZ results, nor does 4G Static IP or similar. Cheers

Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: Vodafone


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