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Number pad not working - Windows 8 laptop

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Unsure if this is a hardware or software issue.  Trying here first...

Purchased son a regular Samsung lappy for school.  It is running Win 8 which quite frankly I am struggling with...but I digress.

Number keypad on the right no longer works.  Numlock does not seem to have any effect.  Arrows on the keypad work fine, just can't get to the numbers.

I am hoping that there is some setting somewhere that he may have fiddled with?  

Tried turning on the numlock function on using the on-screen keyboard as result of Google search, but no other on-line suggestions found, at least not without hacking into the registry as they suggest.

Have checked and is using Eng NZ - US keyboard.  

Anyone familiar with Win 8 can point me in the right direction? I can't find anything on this mess of an operating system.

Failing that I guess it may be a hardware fault and it will be heading back to the shop.

Date: Mar 25, 2013   

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