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Best way to log a windows 8 defect?

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Hi Folks,

Just wondering what the best way to log a defect on Windows 8 is (other than phoning).  I have tried Connect but there is nothing visible there at the moment.  I would like to find out if a defect for the fault has already been logged (and what the timescale for the fix might be) or if I need to log a new one.

I'm using Win 8 on a Surface Pro and basically the Bluetooth networking is not what I would call 'fit for purpose'.  It randomly drops connections and will produce an error message upon connection requiring multiple connection attempts or a reboot before it connects again.  It also does not resume when waking up from sleep/hibernate  (a good comms stack should silently attempt to auto-reconnect when resuming).

There is also no bridge when hyper-v is set up (virtual switch) although there is one for Wifi which indicates to me that it [Bluetooth] may not be feature complete.

Looking at the exception messages that get displayed it appears to me that the stack is not re-initializing itself correctly after dropping the connection or resuming from sleep leaving the device in a failed state, and it is not able to rec-connect if an attempt is then made to use the connection.

The result of the defect is that one has to keep navigating to the Bluetooth icon and selecting join PAN  after 10-15 minutes of usage (usually when submitting an online form and getting a -not connected- error) or having to shutdown applications in order to reboot.

(I don't understand why one has to use such a convoluted Bluetooth menu hierarchy when it really should be showing the PAN under the Internet access like it does with WiFi connections.)

I have all of the firmware updates and windows updates installed and am aware of quite a lot of posts on various forums around this issue.

Date: Jun 24, 2013   

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