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Have been advised to downgrade from VDSL to ADSL to improve line attenuation. Advice needed.

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I've been asked to join a group of game streamers so I rang 2Degrees to see if anything could be done about my poor upload speeds. They tried some line refreshes as I was told on my VDSL plan I should be averaging about 3-5mbps. However nothing worked, and was advised that due to my very poor line attenuation (due to how far away from the exchange I am) I'm getting about 0.5. She told me that if I downgraded my connection to ADSL that my line attenuation would be better (?), and I may get a similar download speed while likely getting an improvement in upload. She couldn't explain exactly why any of that was the case, and I don't quite understand it, so was hoping one of you might be able to?  I'm also wondering how exactly to find out how far away from the exchange I am. I live in Featherston but it seems to be quite difficult to track down that info.  EDIT: Forgot to mention. It's a wired connection directly from the modem, no master filters or splitters used.   Thanks in advance.
Date: Oct 13, 2017   


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