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Apple - MIMEUSA Feather Glass

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Hi guys, something came in my mail today... just wanna share some toys to you all.

Introducing the MIME feather glass. Its only 0.15mm thin!!!

This screen protector is one of the thinnest I've seen so far. I'll show you guys what is in the package, and how it looks on my phone after installation.

My thoughts on this SP.


1. Extremely thin

2. Easy to install

3. Comes with a pre-installation film sticker to remove dust

4. Comes with a spare front and back screen protector in case if you screw up the installation or break the glass, if you contact them about it you can purchase a replacement for 40% off, no questions asked.


Slightly not as smooth as other tempered glass SP, probably its a rushed product so i might be getting a defect; but its still ok.

Personally i highly recommend this product

ps*** currently their website shows out of stock, but i will email them and keep you guys updated when the stock is available.
Date: Jul 31, 2013    Labels: Apple

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