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Apple - File Exploring all the media (images and videos) in WhatsApp

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Hi there,

I have thousands of images and videos in hundreds of coonversations in WhatsApp.

So, All WhatsApp history and media is taking 5GB.

I need to free up some memory deleting a lot of images that I do not want to keep or videos that are too large (solving more quickly the problem).

When something like this happens in Windows PC, it's quite easy for me: sort all files by size and deleting the top 20% bigger ones will maybe free up 80% of space.

However, I do not find any app or external app (PC) to do something like this!

I thought about Jailbreak to access raw file system and all WhatsApp media folders. But there's no Jailbreak for 10.2 yet.

Anyone knows a way to accomplish this? A kind of file explorer for WhatsApp media?

BTW: I do not save any media on camera roll.

Thank you all.

Date: Jan 11, 2017    Labels: Apple

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