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Apple - Cannot connect to one specific wifi network

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I posted this question in another thread but figured I could get more direct opinions by starting a new thread. That said....

In regards to the wifi issues some of the iPhones have been having with connecting to a network then dropping it a few min later, i have a question about my 5....

It refuses to connect to the wifi at work. I work in office suits in a professional wing at a hotel so I can pick up the hotels wifi. My 4S connected no problem but when I brought my MacBook into work one day it wouldn't connect. I would see the network as an option to connect but once selected, it would not connect at all. Same thing is happening now with my iPhone 5. You can see the network as an option but once you select on my phone is just continually tries to connect but the phone stays on LTE.

I thought it was an issue with the hotels network considering my MacBook and my iPhone 5 will not connect at all but my bosses iPad will connect.

At home I have Verizon fios and I have no issues. Connects right away and stays connected until I leave my house. I get a consistent 15 down and 5 up always. It also connects perfectly fine to my girlfriends network without any issues.

So does this sound related to the 5's wifi problems or is it just a network problem at work?

Date: Aug 12, 2017    Labels: Apple

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