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Apple - VERY slow wifi on iPhone 4s---using 5031NV

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My wife and I both have Iphone 4s---which we use on our wifi more than our computer (at least) I do. Most times I use mine on my catch while watching tv (which puts me about 6 feet from the router). However it is VERY slow. Using the speedtest app here are my most recent tests: 2.69 mpps, 0.92, 1.36, and 2.20. I have the 24 MpBS Uverse Package. Now, my computer (iMac) which is about 20 feet from the router always tests right around 20 Mpbs--no issues there. So my question is this---is there some issue with the 5031Nv and iPhones? Is there something in the settings I can change? I am sitting at my computer with my phone in my lap right now. My computer just tested at 17.02 and my phone tested at 1.03. How is that possible? I just switched to Uverse about a month ago because I was not happy with the 6 mpbs speeds I got with my previous provider. If i can't figure this out I will have to switch back because I at least got that much. Thanks for any help.
Date: Sep 25, 2013    Labels: Apple

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