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iCloud Photo Library Issue - pictures disappearing from phone

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So the main reason I've stuck with an iPhone for so long has been the seamless synchronization of my photos from my iPhone to my computer, to iCloud in a web browser. Today, I open up my photos app on my iPhone to show someone a picture, and while I'm showing her, my pictures start disappearing from my phone! All of a sudden there were 0 pictures in my Photos app at all. While I'm staring at this in disbelief, the images started to repopulate like when I switched to a new phone and signed into iCloud again. I originally had about 17,000 images, but by the end of the day only 7,500 or so came back. I know this is a lot of images, even with a 128gb device, but I do have the Optimize iPhone Storage set to ON. As I understood it, and as it's written in an online article on the Apple support site, the hi res version of an image is supposed to be off-loaded to icloud to save space, but the thumbnail will still be there, so that all of your images are "available" all the time. That isn't what's happening, and only my oldest images are still visible, not my most recent.

I spent some time on the phone with Apple Support tonight and they're trying to tell me that this is the way it is supposed to work. They told me that the phone is supposed to delete my most recent images because the image is "safe in the cloud." They told me even the thumbnails are supposed to be deleted. At the time this happened, I had over 20GB remaining on my phone. Now I have over 40GB availalbe, yet the rest of my library won't sync. They basically told me that's the way it is, yet they'll have an engineer look into it and call me back tomorrow.

Any advice or tips to get my images back on my phone? This is driving me crazy.

Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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