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Apple - Apple Pay and Starbucks App

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Not sure if this belongs in Apps. But, is tied to AP.

With Starbucks in Target and Kroger's now, I buy a coffee in the mornings I shop there. Being old and running out of gift ideas for my wife and sons to buy me, I am moving toward gift cards like iTunes, Amazon and maybe Starbucks. I need to know how it works. I think it is something like my JC Penny card. Put it in Wallet and use touch ID when paying. I already installed App and was reading thru Agreement, but not 100% sure on some things. I will number my questions so easier to answer specific questions.

1. Is my assumption it works like my JCP card correct?

2. Are there any hidden processing fees when adding money to Starbuck Card (App), I assume will be added to Wallet?

3. If I just want to add money to App, do I need to join Digital Rewards.

4. For my basic usage can I add money with AP, and how.

5. Can my family buy me Starbuck gift cards and add them to App thru Wallet, or must it be done online.

6. If I only need to join, start account, and not have Digital Rewards, is my account number from joining added to Wallet. I assume I will have no hard card if joining online.

Sorry for what may be basic questions, just like to know how things work before trying them.

Thanks for any help---

Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: Apple

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