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help-accidentally deleted 90% of the text in an important note on icloud

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was trying to print a list of work sales notes, was in my icloud so I can access it with my phone or on computer or anything. however printing on the office pc direct from icloud on my browser doesn't work, so...

well I know what I tried to do, I just don't understand what happened, not that that's the important bit which is how can I remedy it.

basically I went to copy and paste the text into Microsoft word, but when I opened word and hit paste, it pasted the last thing id copied before that, and I went back to icloud and it was all gone bar the first two sentences.

and control Z did nothing. so I opened my iPhone, notes, it was all there! but as I went to copy it, it updated through wifi and was gone there.

I figure my best chance is, if its all on my ipad, which it might not be as ive recently changed my ipad and not sure if ive opened notes in it. so when I get home I can unplug the wifi, open the ipad, which wont update, and then copy and paste it somewhere else.

or my mac, would it update whilst idle?

but presuming none of that works, is there no way to get the information back? its not a whole deleted note, which would be recoverable ironically.

Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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