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Apple - Apple 29W Charger + USB C -Lightning Cable

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So groupon currently offers a Google Express credit - $40 credit for $12 for new users.

You can use either TAKE50 (YMMV) or HURRY20 for either 50% or 20% off.

IMPORTANT: Check Google Express to see if any stores nearby carries either item first, and if they do, you can go ahead with the Groupon purchase. This must be your first time using Google Express on that account.

I had to make two purchases (multiple accounts, multiple addresses to be extra safe) and my total was this:

Items: Apple 29W charger + 3.3 Ft Lightning to USB C cable

Groupon: $7.50 + $7.50 = $15 [If you don't get the 50% off, it would be $24 for both]

Google Express Total: $49 - $40 = $14 (incl tax*, charger); $39 - $40 = $3 (incl. tax*; cable)

= $17 (GE) + $15 (Groupon) = $32 total.

Retail = $54 (w/ tax) + $42 (w/ tax) = $96.

Link to Groupon -

Now the waiting game to see if these items are in stock; USA only. It ends up being around $30-40 after taking into account the lower Groupon promo code.

Also, I have heard that Google will ban your address if you abuse this. YMMV.

Date: Jun 19, 2017    Labels: Apple

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