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Ipad Air: best stylus for writing

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Hi every body

i'm here again with new question

I want buy an stylus for my ipad air for take Booklet on college

The following are important:

the stylus be very fast Reaction..... like write with a pen on paper

i'ts be very new and have Latest Technology

i can buy just for once and don't possible change or buy another so i want the best for write take note

another tips is i don't buy stylus right now want to buy it in 2 or 3 month later if now on the 2 month later release new stylus say to me please

i'm not very hep but found this one:

TruGlide Apex (thin be new )

Adonit?s Jot Script ( thin old ) this one is very noise

'm Waiting for your help

thanks alot
Date: Dec 21, 2013   


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