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There's tons of threads on this, but a lot seem to be aiming at AT&T or T-Mobile phones. I have an HK phone using iOS 6.0.1. It's totally hardware unlocked.

It worked on my last trip to the US, at the first of April. Doesn't now.'s automatic setup does not work. The caveat is that I do not have the menus available to change the APN settings. Advice?

I assume updating to the latest iOS is one option, but I will wait on that until I get some feedback.

iPHone model is 3GS.

EDIT: Okay, I found the iPhone Configuration Utility... not sure exactly what I'm supposed to change though. Straight Talk's site has settings for AT&T as well as T-Mobile. I have neither. :-/

Also note, MMS works as-is. Just not data.
Date: Jun 28, 2013   

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