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iCloud Keyboard Shortcuts

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Hi all,

This issue just popped up today and it is infuriating. For most of the day, none of the keyboard shortcuts on my iPhone 4S worked. I also could not delete or add new ones - they would simply reappear and disappear, respectively. I even deleted them all on my iPad and re-added them, to no avail. They are working like a charm on my iPad.

However, I turned "Documents & Data" OFF under iCloud, and magically, all shortcuts work again on my phone, and I can add and re-add them as I please. But, I would like to sync D&D on my iPhone - it would be nice to take a quick glance at Pages documents, Garageband songs, keep all my weather/stocks organization, etc. intact across my devices, but as soon as I turn D&D back ON under iCloud on my iPhone, all my keyboard shortcuts fail to work again.

Does anybody know what on earth is going on? Thanks a lot in advance.
Date: Jul 8, 2013   

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