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How do you feel about 4K on a Samrtphone

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Rumors point to 4K resolution on the upcoming Note 8.

What does 4K resolution bring to the table and how does that help the customer ?

Better battery life no it makes it worse.

Improved speed again no it slows a fast CPU way down

Better use if RAM nope makes RAM management worse

Optimized Apps ? Nope horrible scaling since Zero Aps are 4K natively.

In short I'd bet anything that No one can tell the difference ever ever. Using a 1440p resolution at 5.7" size 12 inches from their face vs. a 4K 5.8" size display 12 inches from their face. You just humanly can't.

So we go back to how does this benefit the customer ?

No doubt much hype will be made about 4K and HDR on the Note 8 but that mainly is marketing trying to sell customers a worse experience and in turn sell more TVs because customers will think if my phone has 4K then I need a 4K TV as well.

Date: Jan 11, 2017   


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