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Nexus 7 v2 vs. First Gen iPad

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My 1G iPad is getting pretty close to replacement time so I thought I'd check out the new Nexus 7. Here are my findings:

What I still like about my iPad:

- Intuitive to use.

- Cohesiveness of interface.

- Big iTunes library.

- Lots of app support.

- Tons of battery life.

What I don't like about my iPad:

- Very slow for today's apps and iOS.

- Heavy

- No retina display.

- Speaker quite quiet and mono.

What I liked about the Nexus 7:

- Thin

- Easy to hold in 1 hand, non-slip rubber backing.

- Sharp display resolution

- Stereo speakers

- Price

What I didn't like about the Nexus 7:

- My interface complaints from Android 1.5 are still present in 4.3. There are options scattered everywhere and none of the interface elements carry from one app to the next.

- Heavy (for its size, surprisingly so).

- Battery life - Drained on standby in 1 day.

- Missing software polish, feels half baked in the apps I used for podcast consumption, etc.

- Speakers soft while set to max volume.

- Not intuitive: Wife couldn't get used to it, still had to buy her a new iPad.

So that's my $0.02. Looks like I'm returning the Nexus 7 and waiting for the iPad 5.
Date: Aug 21, 2013   


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