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Apple - Refurbished iPod nano 7G - Do Apple still sell them?

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I've been using a 64GB iPod mini from 2004 as my daily music/podcast player for the last year, and it's been very nice after the way the iPhone Music app devolved over time and my attempts to then use Windows Phone 10's built-in apps.

So I'd like to buy a 7th gen iPod nano but I'd like to not spend $149 / £149 / 179€ on one, the Apple Refurbished prices of $99 / £85 / 109€ are much more palatable to me.

Does anyone know if Apple still sell them sometimes? Has anyone seen/bought one recently?

Also, do the back/forward buttons and double/tripple-click actions jump back/forward 30 seconds when listening to audiobooks and podcasts? Or are they only for skipping chapters/episodes?

Date: Jan 11, 2017    Labels: Apple


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