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Apple - Selectively restoring contents from an old backup in iTunes?

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After spending the last 2 years in the Android world, I am back in the iPhone camp with a brand new iPhone 7.

There's just 1 problem - Move from Android did not work, which means that the next best option is to restore from my old iPhone 5's backup. That said, I don't particularly want to waste space by restoring 2 year old photos/videos, the calendar is probably obsolete, every app will need to be updated anyway, etc. etc.

Has Apple added a way to pick and choose what to restore? Or is the old double restoration procedure (restore the entire backup, sync data from phone to computer, factory reset the phone and set it up as a new/standalone phone, sync data from computer to phone) still needed for selective restorations?

Date: Jun 19, 2017    Labels: Apple

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