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Apple - iPhone 8 Plus Crackling and Heat!

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I have an iPhone 8 Plus and even after the update of 11.0.2 I’m still getting the crackling sound in the earpiece. Also, the phone is getting VERY hot, especially when on a phone call. I’ve tried wiping it out and starting fresh and still both things are happening. I’m also using the regular Apple lightning cable to charge so it’s not wireless charging.

I want to bring it to the Apple Store but fear they will replace it with a refurbished unit which I’d hate because I’d go from a brand new iPhone 8 Plus to a refurbished one within a couple of weeks of owning it. Is there anything else I can try to fix this? Has anyone else had to get a replacement? Did they give you a new iPhone 8 or refurbished?

Thanks in advance.

Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Apple

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