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Apple - Did I Upgrade A Year Too Early?

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Had an iPhone 6 since 2015 launch. Had to get it replaced with another iPhone 6 last year from apple, for $99 as the battery on my original one was toast. My battery capacity on my year-old iPhone 6 was down to 90% when I ended up selling it to upgrade to an 8.

Now seeing rumors that next year's iPhones will have bezel-less LCD screens, making them much cheaper than the iPhone X.

Did I upgrade too early? I certainly would want a bigger screen than the iPhone 8. (I first bought an 8+ but returned it because I couldn't handle the larger size and weight.) How much should I be able to sell a 1-year old iPhone 8 for? It is worth keeping it for only one year?

I'm certainly the type of person that keeps my iPhones for 2-3 years, but I may only keep my fully paid, unlocked iPhone 8 for one year if the 2018 iPhones end up being as intriguing as the early rumors indicate.

Would love to hear people's thoughts.

Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Apple

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