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Apple - A weird iPhone X pre-order question

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So, obviously millions of people are waiting to pre-order the X on the 27th Oct. How does it work? Let's say there's 5M units available, and Apple allocates a set number of units to each country. When you go to the online Apple Store or the App Store app, is the orders first come first serve, like, do they just allow everyone to hammer the servers at the same time, and whoever has the quickest fingers gets to place their orders first? Or do they randomly allocate slots to each person trying to connect to the Store website/app? I mean, if they allocate 1M units to USA, and there's obviously way more people interested in pre-ordering it, the stock will get depleted within 10-15 seconds at max, if everyone was allowed into the store at the same time.

Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Apple

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