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Apple - Random Tones during a call Verizon iPhone 5

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Ever since i've switched to Verizon on Iphone 5 launch day coming from ATT since the first iPhone (i've had every version of the phone on att as well) time to time i hear a random tone, like someone on the other end i'm speaking with hit a digit on the keypad. I ask if the person on the other end heard that, they say no, it just went silent for a second and they didn't hit a number on the keypad, most of the of the time they're on a landline. It could be 20 minutes into a call or hour +, totally random. Verizon has reset the network connection, i've changed phones, reset the phone, etc, still happening. ANYONE else having this issue? It's a deal breaker for me, att never did this, unless it's the 5, but i doubt it. All verizon can offer is dialing ###send after the call and they can check the towers down the line, seems like hot air to me. Not impressed, now facing a Early Termination Fee if i leave now. I already tried to get used to the no surf and talk while on data and the annoying "multiple calls" thing when you get another call while being on one, it says multiple, if you hang up with one, the other goes away and rings you back, beyond weird, i realize this is a CDMA thing along w/ super slow 3g when LTE is not avail. Anyone else have these issues on verizon? Here's the only other link i can find about it below, thank you.

Date: Mar 4, 2013    Labels: Apple

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