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Apple - iPhone 5 & T-Mobile's $30 Plan

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This summer my son is heading to college in Chicago and I'm planning on switching him from my VZW family plan and onto his own plan. Walmart has a $30 5gb data, Unlm Text and 100 voice minutes plan for T-mobile and the plan is to get him on that. Someone on the forums must have done this recently and I wanted to make sure that I am not wasting any time or money getting something I don't need so I wanted to run it past all of you, so here is the plan.

Buy an iPhone5 16gb outright from Apple $649

Buy a Sim activation lit from Walmart $9.99

Buy Nano Sim cutter from Amazon $7.99

After I get all of those I should be able to just go to the T-Mobile website and select the $30 pay as you go plan right? By switching him to this plan it will save me $17 a month. If it works out I plan on doing the same thing for my wife's line and then mine when the ETF gets reasonable.
Date: Apr 14, 2013    Labels: Apple

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