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Apple - New Model Number iPhone 5? NE486LL/A

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Was wondering if you guys could help me out. I had to have my iPhone replaced at the Apple Store on Saturday due to spots in the lens which were also showing up in pics. When they went to replace it they realized they were out of inventory on a black 16gb i5 ATT. They found it very odd, so I asked to check the other stores in Pittsburgh area so I could get it taken care of that day. Just so happened all other 4 stores around were out of stock also. Not sure if this is a coincidence or not.

Once it was ordered I received it Tuesday and noticed the model number was NE486LL/A. I was curious if my model would work on the T-Mobile network. I googled and only received 1 hit..... So I decided to come here and ask the gurus.

I googled the model number to realize it had 1 hit..



Can anyone provide any info on this model?
Date: Apr 25, 2013    Labels: Apple

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