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Created a New Mobile Console Need Help with Name *Specs Included*

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For the past few months ive beeen designing a new Console i wanted to play games on, i had in contact with a Company who designs the hardware and i have the specs below:


* CPU: Snapdragon 410 1.9GHz

* GPU: Andreno 305 400MHz

* RAM: 1GB

Storage: 8GB (5GB free to User)

OS: GamerROM 4 Ultimate Touchwiz Edition

Android Version: v5.1.1

LCD DPI: 240


FPS Rate Frequency: 60Hz

Touch Screen Capable: Yes

Finger Print: No

Gyroscope Proximity Sensors: Yes

Cameras: 2 Front at 2MP and back 5MP

Sdcard Support: Yes (Up to 32GB)

Wi-Fi Specs: 802.11b/a/g

Cellular Capable: Yes (Unlocked)

Kernel Govonor State: Interactive

Cross-Platform Support: Yes (through Google Play Games ONLY)

This thing costed me alot of money and i just got the OS to work on it so i wanted the community to name it for me any suggestions?

Date: Jan 9, 2017   


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