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My phone keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to the Wi-fi every minute. HELP!

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I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) that worked perfectly fine until 2 days ago. Since then, the wi-fi keeps connecting and disconnecting every 20 seconds and that is so annoying. My home wi-fi is the only one where this is happening, it works perfectly fine in every other wi-fi that i have tried since then. And i do not know whose fault it is, the phone's or the router's, since every other device works perfectly on the same router (I also have other Samsung devices connected to it). I have tried a lot of possible solutions, but none of them has worked so far. Also, i know there is not happening any misunderstanding between the wi-fi and the mobile data, since i do not have a sim-card. Please help me!

Thanks in advance.

Date: Jan 11, 2017   


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