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T-mobile, Walmart Family Plan, MetroPCS for Optimus L9

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I was going to buy the Optimus L9 and noticed that it can run on T-Mobile, Walmart Family Plan, and MetroPCS. The pricing is kind of strange for the phone. T-Mobile has it for $240, Walmart $199 and $179, and MetroPCS $119.

I believe all will use T-Mobile's network, so I initially was going to buy the phone from Walmart and try out their Family Plan. Walmart has two prices. $199 and $179, though it looks like the same phone. For some reason a $25 fee for the starter kit is needed, even though the phone has a micro sim already.

Can someone help explain if T-Mobile ($50/mo), Walmart ($40/mo) and MetroPCS ($45/mo) is really the same network and has the same performance?
Date: Sep 22, 2013   

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