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How to identify genuine iPad charger?

iPad - Lowyat.NET -
So today I went to Lowyat Plaza at LG floor and bought an iPad charger from this huge store that sells many smartphones and tablets accessories and I wanted a genuine want as I don't want a fake charger that burn my house down.

They claimed it is genuine so I went home and checked the wordings to see whether this charger is legit and photos are the follows:

Everything seems fine and I tried Google-ing but didn't see any experts share on how to identify a genuine unit, so I proceed to detach the three pin from the unit to discover further and oh my, this is what had happened...

It broken into 2 pieces.

Had few iPads previously and always do detach with the pre-loaded charger but everything was alright

Anyone of you has any ideas?
Date: May 19, 2017   

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