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Toshiba - AT7-C(8gb) issues with WiFi network access/saving

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I have a AT7-C table I have had for a little over a year and in the last few months the WiFi network connectivity/access has been giving me issues.  I was able to connect about a month and get some system updates but now I am having issues again.  I can locate my my home network, put in password, and save--it will be listed in the WiFi settings with near full signal strength yet when backed out it shows no connectivity to WiFi.  Well as I typed this the wifi connection came back up at full strength and I will try to use the updates off the machine.  But this problem has been a consistent issue since about February on losing network connectivity.  Via using system updates its showing no updates needed at this time. Would anyone have an idea about the off/on again status of the Wifi?
Date: Jun 28, 2016    Labels: Toshiba

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