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Toshiba - excite USB charger cable at300

Excite Tablets - TOSHIBA FORUMS -
Good evening! I love my excite tablet she works like a queen! I was told by Toshiba they are no longer making this tablet, but concentrating on new tablets. That's wonderful....but I really need a USB cable to charge her, they told me I should go to cdw and encompass, who are their sub contractors to get a new one...they have none. I have looked every day on amazon and eBay, but they are selling these cables for $30-$40 plus tax. I bought two from Toshiba and they were $7.99 a piece. I wrote IDParts, great people but they are out of stock, soooo I would appreciate some help, as the little wires in the cable are popping!many thanks for helping out a grandmother!!, Charlotte m
Date: Aug 13, 2016    Labels: Toshiba

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