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Toshiba - Several Excite AT300 Issues

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Hello all, I recently purchased an Excite AT300 (16GB) model and have experienced some issues so far. 1. The issue that I experienced today was the tablet kept powering down by itself. The battery was at about 26% and when I would power on the device, it would boot up, and power down almost immediately. At first I thought it would be some kind of power setting where if the battery falls below a certain % it will power down, so I checked the settings and there was nothing similar to that enabled. I proceeded to connect the tablet into the power supply and I no longer had this issue, because it was charging. This will become a great inconvenience if the device will power down at a certain battery %.  2. The other problem I have been having is with the SD Card. I recently purchased an SD Card from Amazon (SanDisk) and tried it out on the tablet. The device recognizes the card, but I am unable to copy stuff to the card. At first I figured that maybe the card wasn't formatted, so I put it into my pc and formatted it (Fat 32). I tried again and still the same problem with the tablet. My pc reads/writes from the SD Card just fine, so now I'm thinking that maybe the card isn't compatible with the tablet. Is there a list of compatible SD Cards with the Excite AT300 (16GB)? I downloaded two programs from the droid market to try and help me troubleshoot, and so far here are my results:SD Tools: App will not read/write to the card. It doesn't give me any read/write speeds and tells me that there was an error reading the card. Maybe the app isn't compatible with tablets.Astro: When i click on the sd card, it tells me that no directory exists, and asks me if i would like to create one. When i click on yes, it tells me there was an error writing to the card. When i try to copy files to the card (using the tablet) it tells me that i do not have permissions (denied). Has anybody else had these issues? 
Date: Oct 8, 2016    Labels: Toshiba


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