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Toshiba - AT7-C, 8GB, Android 4.4.2, Service Station 2.2.2, ...

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This tablet model has no dedicated exteral power jack; external power is supplied only through the USB jack.  I've had the tablet for quite a long while, and used it successfully many times, so naturally it's been charged, plenty of times. When I'm not using it either stand-alone, or with a PC, I keep the tablet connected to an external USB hub, with its own power source, so when I'm not using the tablet, it's kept well charged.  Plenty of times when I turn the tablet on to begin using it, either the screen, or the battery selection from Settings, shows a charge percentage in the high 90's. When an update to Android itself is available through "Service Station", I make sure that the tablet is connected to the USB hub, and I get to the point within Service Station from which I click the "Update System" button, I get a dialog which says "Please connect your device to an external power source".  The only button on the dialog is "OK".  I press OK, but I when I again press the "Update System" button, I still get the dialog. To me this seems like a software bug in Service Station. If so, is there a newer version of Service Station available with the bug fixed, and a way to download and install it separate from the update to Android itself?  Or, is there an override setting available somewhere to allow Service Station to continue with the update to Android? Any help would be very appreciated!   
Date: Oct 10, 2016    Labels: Toshiba

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