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Tablet display faulty! w/ videos!

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I'm not sure if this is the correct location for this question, if not please move it to where it is meant to be, or inform me, I simply assumed as it is a display issue.

I have had my Asus Eee slate EP121 for a while and have had no problems with it, then a bit back it just stopped functioning properly, the screen will flash when I turn it on and just continue flashing on the loading screen until I force turn it off. Safe mode boots it up and stops the flashing but still doesn't load anything, I would if possible like to attain use of the tablet again without losing anything, if that is not possible then instructions on how to reset it would be much appreciated, thank you!

Here is the tablet loading up normally:

and here it is in safe mode:

In neither normal or safe mode does it get past those final screens, after hours of waiting. With power cord in or out.

I have used f8 on startup, I have no restore points and system repair finds no issues, could it be a hardware fault?

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!
Date: Feb 8, 2016   


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