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What kind of smartphone should I get?

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask; most of the threads here are asking for help unlocking their data or something.

I can get a new phone (contract expires) this coming August.

Right now, I have a Nexus One. I rooted it to upgrade to the latest OS (Android 4.2.2 I think) but the WiFi and Camera are buggy. I kind of just want to get a new phone with newer hardware/features/get a data plan/get more disk space.

I use my phone mostly for browsing. I like to be able to browse anywhere, and without a data plan (WiFi only), my ability to do this is limited. I'd also like to install more apps, and read books on a device that isn't smaller than the size of a business card. But it should also fit in my pocket, so a Kindle is out of the question.

What phone should I get, or more importantly, where can I find resources on this sort of thing?
Date: May 27, 2013   

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