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HTC - up grade to HTC U11 vs Pixel XL....which one?

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I have a Droid turbo to trade in..... I am a Verizon customer for my internet connection, my landline and use dish Network.

I am retired, am in a very rural location and get two bars signial.

I've researched both phones and need some comments and opinions from people who are more educated in this field than I am.

Knowing the damage potential on the "glass" case of the HTC, I would obviously use a suitable case on either phone.

I am in my eighties, and am not a "guru" at all.

Don't play games, don't do streaming, do minimal texting.

I take a lot of pictures, do emailing.

There are two Verizon stores (just retailers, not " Corporate stores,) 15 miles away, and a company Corporate store 50 miles away.......and I use the web for educational purposes, banking and buying various things from places like Amazon..

All helpful comments and opinions are very wellcome......Thanks
Date: Jun 20, 2017    Labels: HTC

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