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Apple - triple tap on iphone 7 to access shortcut

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New to using a smartphone. My audiologist loaded an app to control my hearing aids. She also set up a shortcut so I can access a screen that shows me the remaining battery power of my hearing aid batteries.

I should be able to access this screen while I am in the app and using a triple tap on the home button.

Does a triple tap require a certain speed in order to work? I am able to get the screen to move down after the second tap, but, I don't seem to be fast enough to triple tap to get to the screen I want to view.

I have only been successful once in 50 attempts. If I tap too hard, I get a click back to the home page. If I tap too lightly nothing happens. If I tap gently, on the second tap the screen I am on moves down.

I am wondering if the problem is associated with how fast I need to tap 3 times or if it is how hard I need to tap the home button without clicking on it.
Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: Apple

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