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Apple - What happens when you sync Iphone 7 with a window 7 PC?

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Just bought an Iphone 7 to use with my new hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities. Prior to getting hearing aids last week I avoided using any cell phone because there was too much background noise to be able to hear over a cell phone.

Learning how to use a smartphone is much more of a challenge than getting used to my new hearing aids.

I have managed to set up wifi,voicemail and email on the smartphone. I have not yet synced it with my Windows 7 PC, because, I am not sure what that is going to do.

I imagine if I sync the two devices, if I delete an email on the computer - that will automatically delete it on the smartphone. Is that correct?

What else does it sync? For example will it copy my entire address book on my computer over to my Iphone? I don't really want that to happen automatically.

Will pictures I take with my Iphone automatically show up on my home computer? I don't want that to happen automatically either.

Is there a way to pick and choose what I want to sync and what not to sync? There is a lot of stuff on my computer that I do not want on my smartphone.
Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: Apple

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