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Acer - Acer Aspire 11.6 tablet (ES1-132) take note

The Tablet Den - -
Saw this at Challenger yesterday.

Staff at Changi City Point kind to allow me play around with it a little.

Pretty ok specs for $398

Win 10

11.6 inch


win 10


Internet loads fast and screen resolution is good. But this post is not to advertise this model. But to inform others that sound volume is weak compared to many other tablets. Played "shape of you" using my xiaomi vs the one from this tablet... the phone one is louder.

Also biggest thing to take note is, for some websites or utilities where you are required to enter things like password. i.e. network wifi password, the virtual keyboard is big and hides the entire field on bottom right, so you would just have to blindly key in then hit enter. No issue with youtube search field as the youtube field is on top of the virtual keyboard. Not tested if same issue happens when working on email with this tablet.
Date: May 1, 2017    Labels: Acer

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