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Tablets sold in Singapore as at 18May2017

The Tablet Den - -
Hope someone find this useful.

Did not include speed ghz info cos actual always diff from advertised.

Some personal feedback on tablets and detachable 2 in1 laptops that I had tested at :

Challenger (Expo Tampines)

Best Denki (Tampines)

Harvey Norman (Hougang)

Popular (Tampines)

Newstead (Marina Square)

Gaincity (Marina Square)

HP X2 (4/64)

Connects to internet fastest with least problems of models listed here

Sound is loudest and clearest of all models listed here.

OK screen proportion for msoffice

Not able to test if any lack when using excel macro designer mode.

Not able to test if photoshop or video editors can run smooth.

Priced at $499 (Popular/HarveyNorman) but using autar intel atom 8350 and HP ultrabooks have reputation of performance deteriorating fast in short time.

Asus transformer book t101HA (2/32)

3rd in speed to connect to internet and stream of models listed here.

Sound is weak, screen proportion not suitable for word or excel.

Keyboard not as nice to use compared to X2

Priced at $399 (Popular/HarveyNorman) but using autar intel atom

Acer Aspire ES1-132(2/32)

Quite fast to connect and stream

Good screen resolution depth and proportionate screen

Third loudest volume of models listed here but still considered soft

Typing in entry field issue and heavy and only 2/32

Priced at $348 Expo

Huawei M2 (3/64)

Not fast. Got lag when toggling between diff app

Screen resolution depth is ok.

Sound weak

Priced $699 gaincity. I think best denki has it also.

Acer switch one 10"(2/64)

Could barely connect to open wifi to youtube

Keyboard comes with 500gb storage (only plus point)

Keyboard quite ok to type but when take out tablet mode and reconnect to keyboard again - it does not sense immediately compared to hpx2

Resolution color depth not as sharp as HP X2 or Asus

Priced at $499 (HarveyNoman) but using intel 8300(slower than hpx2)

Lenovo Tab 3 7 (1/16)

Most jialat specs of models listed here LOL.

Quite Loud vol and streaming lags abit but still ok

Have about 9gb left after system install stockware

Streams faster and better resolution than samsung tab a7.0

Good for nothing else apart from youtube and korean drama

Priced at $129 (Challenger/Lenovo)

Acer Iconia 7" and 10"

Sound louder than asus t101HA, acer switch one, huaweim2 but still weak.

Slow to stream and youtube

Screen colour depth is very lousy and strong glass reflection

Priced at $169/$249 at best denki. But best denki tampines got the worst staff. Best denki just act blur insist no wifi or loaded any video to test sound. At Challenger expo, the staff actually took out on phone to do hotspot share for me.

The avenger 4/64

Everything also fail in my eyes.

Takes forever connect to open wifi in the mall to load youtube

Internet will moody suddenly shut and go back to main screen

Resolution color depth very blurry, didnt even have mood to test sound vol.

Keyboard doesnt sense when tablet take out and put back again.

Even staff dont know made under which company.

$499 at harvey norman

Besta Wincloud4

Very interesting tablet because partition to have android and windows OS.

If people want to experience Ah tiong china dual os tablets, this is the one to test in Singapore

Volume is very weird in the sense it feel muffled and out of sync with videos

Keyboard need take in and out afew times for tablet to sense once tablet taken out.

Very responsive screen, but colours abit weird, glass also looks fragile.

Internet will crash on its own to return to main screen periodically.

Battery minimum heat with extensive use.

Sales auntie at popular will kek kek act as though no wifi to test. Then when I whip out my mobile to do hotspot sharing, she suddenly can produce a huawei dongle.

Sales auntie also say company can load msoffice for $80. But did not inform me that it is not by microsoft but by a third party company.

Priced at $499 but heard can just get tablet without keyboard at $299(popular tampines)

Others tested:

Asus zenpad 3/8.0, shinco (both cannot make it for sound) so did not test anymore. Shinco and redbean tablets screen is super autar so dont bother get from lazada.

Verdict IMHO

All models listed here have cheapo built compared to even first gen IPAD.

Lenovo 3 7 is most budget valueformoney entertainment tablet if you can tahan the 7 inch screensize. Maybe better to wait for lenovo tab4.

Am not going to comment on the latest samsung and apple tablets because everywhere also got you all can play at the stores yourself.
Date: May 19, 2017   

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