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XPS 13 not available in Canada with i5 Kaby Lake and 16GB of RAM?

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Just did a cursory search on and Microsoft Store, and it seems like the options top out at 8GB RAM. Oddly, doesn't offer the ability to customize the configuration. Best Buy is not an option, as their models come with international keyboard layout, so I didn't check out what they have available. I don't really know where else to buy a computer in Canada, other than Amazon, Canada Computers, or eBay, and I'd prefer to not buy from any of those three places.

I've never bought a Dell, I've always gone with Lenovo when doing CTOs. Is it common for Dell to not allow customization? I checked both the Home and Business store, and neither provided customization (I'll probably go through the Home store, as I don't need the better warranty). Is this just a matter of me being stupid, and not knowing how to operate their website?
Date: Aug 12, 2017   


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