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So is the Lumia 950 still actually a choice?

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I, honestly, did not bring the subject up. But my father said he hated Android (his Samsung phone has been acting up), and now he was considering a Windows Phone.

The only app he mentioned he needed was Waze, which is a map he uses to navigate when driving. As far as I can see Windows Phone has that (but also still Here I suppose?).

He again bemused mentioned that the 950xl was cheaper than the 950.

What he wants is to use Waze, Skype, Gmail (he can do that through Edge) and take pictures and videos of my nieces (his granddaughters).

I /know/ it can take pictures. Am I missing something? He said it cost 300USD currently (he's going to USA this Wednesday).


The reason I am asking is. Of course I am jaded. I feel that Windows Phone is superiour to Android, apart from the app situation. And I'd love to see an 950xl, used by a person who just wants to use it for what it is arguably excellent at. Windows 10 Phone is still updated?
Date: Aug 12, 2017   


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