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Google - Google Play Store Won't Load

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Android Forums at -
re. Galaxy Note 10.1/16GB/wifi only/owned for about 6 wks.]

The other day just out of the blue, I find Play Store won't load. An error message flashes up and is gone too fast for me to read it. This happens if I attempt to launch it from the icon, widget, or notifications for updates. Something seems to be corrupted. My other Google services appear to be intact, just affecting Play Store. I'm not seeing anyone else with this problem on this or any other devices, so I'm guessing it's something unique to my set-up. Any other forums or help sites anyone can suggest? (I assume going directly to Samsung, Google, or BestBuy would be a waste of time). I can get along without it in the short term, but since I can't download apps from there, nor can I update the apps I have, it has to be fixed.
Date: Sep 17, 2013    Labels: Google

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