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Samsung - Defective Note 8

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Well, after having to return my Note7 twice last year due to the battery recall, I thought Samsung would make right with the Note8. Guess I was wrong...

5 days in and the top quarter of my screen is no longer working. Contacted Samsung and they refuse to give me an exchange. "We will inspect and attempt to repair" "if repairs cannot be made, we will then issue an exchange"

So then my question becomes what am I suppose to do without a phone. Their response? "Well that's not our issue, please contact your carrier to set up arrangements for a loaner phone". Mind you I am getting the same response to the 6 representatives I spoke with, 3 of them being supervisors...

I certainly hope my Note8 is the only one with this issue, if not, this might be really bad for Samsung...

I have disputed the charge with the CC company and put a block on all future Samsung charges.

What a sorry excuse for a company, I will never buy their products again.
Date: Sep 13, 2017    Labels: Samsung

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