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Samsung - Intermittent skips in audio on bluetooth

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Hi, verizon note 8 in black here. Is anyone having any issues with intermittent skips in audio when playing music to a bluetooth speaker or headphones?

My gear S2 seems to be connected fine and for the most part, the music is pretty good but I'll occasional get a few skips here and there. This is both on my bluetooth headphones as well as my bluetooth speaker. My bluetooth speaker connection was initially really poor, skipping every few seconds when I first tried it in the OR when my S7E was rock stable with no skips in the same room before. I ended up force closing the bluetooth app and deleting and re-adding my speaker and it is better but still skips occasionally.

My phone did come in a plastic best buy bag with no padding with the bottom of the phone box slightly crumpled. The phone itself appeared fine with no damage externally, but not sure if maybe sometime inside got damaged or out of alignment, so trying to see if this is just an issue with my note 8 or if other people have noticed it too.
Date: Sep 13, 2017    Labels: Samsung

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